Comic book

From reportage to graphic novel

ADventure Pastura has more stories to tell!

The comic book of ADventure Pastura travels is based on first-hand reckless adventures.

ADventure Pastura comic book NitroNerd (Piero Zilio) by Massimo Dall'Oglio & Laura Congiu

Graphic novel timeline and status

ADventure Pastura comics never saw the light. YET. Two artists took the challenge to turn almost 20 years of rough travel photography reportages into a graphic novel: first Laura Congiu, soon followed by Massimo Dall’Oglio.¬†Thanks to their efforts, ADventure Pastura launched a call for this editorial project during the 2012 PechaKucha night in Cagliari, Italy. The call is still open!

If you want to read ADventure Pastura thrilling travel stories, you can bring this project back to life.

*Shall the project fail again, contributions will be used to cover travel costs for the next ADventure Pastura photographic reportage.

Make a donation to cover production costs.*

Big contributors (+150 EUR) get framed photo with dedication!

Find a comic artist for ADventure Pastura.

Refer to these styles: Zerocalcare, Joe Sacco.