ADventure Pastura.
Not for all, neither for you?

Here we are again, the ADventure Pastura project is about to turn 20 and celebrates ahead with this brand-new website, the third one since 2003.

This project is about travel photography reportages done the hard way: reckless adventures based on diehard explorations of remote countries, in possibly solitary missions to discover local people.

What will you find in this project?

Probably not what you expect: there will be plenty of photo reportages spiced up with questionable dark humour and travel stories. Adventure Pastura experiences touristy locations from a different perspective: strictly third class, frequently described through analogic photography.

That’s the point. And the reason why Adventure Pastura failed many expectations in the past. Because this is not a photography website filled with perfect photos and Instagram filters by travel influencers, hipster backpackers and such. Read about the project and its approach to travel photography and check out our first two galleries before continuing.

What kind of photographer are you?


New in town? Open your printed map and prepare to end up to the wrong side of town. Hop on a local bus, never know if/where you’ll hop off. Don’t speak the language? You’re screwed. Drag around your 10kg-camera to only realise the film overexposed once it’s too late. Desperately try to call home over a landline to send money overseas for a safe return.


New in town? Open Google Maps and let it guide you to your AirBnB. Check Facebook for events nearby, find a hot date on Tinder and get laid. Hop on and off low-cost carriers to your next destination, comfortably listening to trending playlists on Spotify. Don’t speak the language? Translator will help you. Show off with your friends on WhatsApp & Instagram.