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Brazil, April 2005. After spending a week in Bahia to surf the ocean waves of Itacarè, I left the well-known State for a more adventurous journey that took me through the Chapada Diamantina and Sergipe, where I worked on this photo documentary.

On my first day in Salvador, Bahia, a group of kids saw me walking and waited for me. As I approached, the tallest opened his pocket knife and the others gathered around. Want to know how it ends? Fund my Comic book!

Two curious kids hide on the dark side of the alley somewhere in the Chapada Diamantina, Brazil. Photo by © Piero Zilio.


One of my 35mm film fails

Good memory, bad photo

Back in 2005, at my third experience with analogue photography and travel reportage, I still had to overcome not only technical difficulties, but also feeling uncomfortable taking people’s portraits. Luckily, yesterday and today, I still enjoy taking photos of the people I meet, despite their quality. Here, two curious kids from the Chapada Diamantina came to see the foreigner taking ugly photos down their street.

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