Travel reportage photo gallery

India, September 2003. This is ADventure Pastura first travel photography reportage. Three weeks of rough journey across Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh forged my taste for active exploration and photo documentary.

The trip to India was my first time shooting with a single-lens reflex camera, an entry level Nikon F65. The photo production is limited and still naïve, yet it represents a milestone towards today’s ADventure Pastura approach to travel photo.

A poor Indian mother begs for help with her two kids in Rajastan, India. Photo by © Piero Zilio.


My first travel portrait

India travel diary note #01

Thar Desert, between India and Pakistan. A woman with two kids has just appeared from nowhere. She reminds me of Sinti people although I have no idea where she’s from. She asks for a few rupees and starts singing with a ringing, desperate voice. I grab my reflex and steal my first travel portrait feeling a little guilty and embarrassed. She vanishes without notice, like she had appeared.

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