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About ADventure Pastura

ADventure Pastura is about exploring travel photography with limited resources, in rough conditions and sometimes risky situations.


This website is a collection of film and digital photographs from travel reportages around the world by Piero Zilio. The style and quality of documentaries evolves in parallel with the author’s taste for photography. The focus is on the invisible life of local people, the small life experiences which would else go unseen.


ADventure Pastura rejects the comforts of today’ standardised travelling in favour of a more authentic experience of the journey. ADventure Pastura leaves the usual tourist routes to venture less known paths on a photographic mission, propelled by a down-to-earth yet passionate thirst for discovery.


ADventure Pastura was born in 2003 when Piero Zilio undertook his first travel photography reportage in India. In a time without iPhones, Google Maps and other life-easing apps and services, photo documetaries for first time travellers could still be challenging. They can still be, so let’s bring on the challenge!


In Italian, pastura describes chunks of gory meat used by fishermen to attract sharks. ADventure Pastura refers to two things. ADventure is what we tell: diehard travel experiences. Pastura is how we tell it: in a mixed, random, rough, and perhaps unpleasant way. Not for all. Neither for you? Find out yourself…

Diehard travel photography can be unpredictable. Piero Zilio counts on 3 daredevils to survive ADventure Pastura expeditions.

Michele Minardi

Michele Minardi

Giovanni Murro

Giovanni Murro

Alessandro Chirivì

Alessandro Chirivì

From Sergipe to Vladivostok. From Vorkuta to Whakaari. This is where ADventure Pastura tested diehard travel photography.

Completed photography projects

ADventure Pastura map of completed travel photography projects